Monday, 11 October 2010


It seemed ungrateful not to give the most recent migrants a visit so after lunch today we had a trip to St. Mary's.
Leaving the car at the first carpark we headed for the path down the west side of the reserve. Within 10 yards Goldcrest were tumbling out of the hawthorn hedge. We stood within three feet of them feeding totally unconcerned

You just could not be anything but entranced by them - I mean,  just look at it......

A Blackcap was feeding on the elderberries

and a female Redstart was insect catching

There were Robins everywhere, and being watched by about a dozen others this female Red-flanked Bluetail

Small picture but enough to confirm what we were watching. Then  this  bird below which I don't know what it is so comments welcome.

A very enjoyable visit - thanks birds.


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Fabulous pic of the Goldcrest, really lovely, Linda

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