Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Bridle path

With the unexpected sunshine this afternoon we decided to have a saunter up the bridlepath at Prestwick Carr.
A flock of Goldfinch flew ahead of us  as we walked, followed shortly by about fifteen Mistle thrush lifting up from the hawthorn bushes. There were plenty of Great and Blue Tit darting from bush to bush but all were a keeping low profile. Chaffinch, Wren and Robin all doing the same.
We walked as far as the second gate and stood with the sun on our backs, scanning the east field for something special, but in vain.
On the return a Roe deer broke cover and crossed the path. The horizontal willow seemed to be chock full of small birds providing only the briefest of glimpses.
Back at the cross roads a Buzzard was spotted on top of one of the dead trees, seemed to sense us watching and was off

Not a lot seen but a very enjoyable wander

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