Thursday, 16 September 2010

Still plenty of Dragons

I was wondering how the Dragonfly would react to the recent cooler nights so we had a walk around Big Waters outlet stream around mid-day. The raised boardwalk was alive with Common Darters. There must have been 25 - 30 on the timberwalkway alone . Even more along the path on the North side of the stream as well as 2-3 Migrant Hawker male. At least thats what I believe it to be. Corrections will be gratefully received.

Migrant Hawker? - this one has lost part of its rear right wing

So its now off to Whitby for a week.


Johnnykinson said...

Hi Dick,
Although some species of Dragons are disappearimg the Hawkers carry on into autumn. The image looks like it is a Migrant Hawker, possibly a youngish male.
I was at the Rising Sun today and had 3/4 Common Darters, 3 species of butterfly and a few Hawkers. Can't name the Hawkers as they were all on the move and i never got a good sighting.
Enjoy your trip to Whitby. Have a safe journey.

Citybirding said...

Thanks John