Monday, 6 September 2010

Shibdon monday evening

With the wind from the south east, Shibdon seemed a decent bet since the area at the hide end of the pond would be sheltered. There were about a dozen Snipe feeding with this one posing. Those markings are spectacular.

This group were just to the right of the hide

A Water Rail wandered past, for a few yards then took flight for the reeds

Grey Heron sheltered at the foot of the reed belt

Greenshank, Little Egret, Green Sandpiper, Shoveler, Redshank were also present.
Although I was quite certain that I had seen the Spotted Crake on earlier visits I finally convinced myself on the sighting tonight. The clincher was seeing the relative bill sizes of the Spotted Crake  and Water Rail  together in the scope.


Crammy Birder said...

I wouldn't feel safe if I were that Spotted Crake with all those Herons around, they'll eat anything!

Citybirding said...

It was within 20-30 yards of the Herons but never more than a couple from the reed bed