Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Weetslade Dragons

It was a bit late in the day to look for Dragonfly but a wander around the ponds in Weetslade Country Park this evening produced the goods
Black-tailed skimmer

This was very easy to photograph since it would not rise unless I was less than a couple of feet away. Saw only the one.

Four-spotted chaser - There were four or five on one pond and a couple on the other

Was unable to identify this one, which I am guessing is egg laying?

Amongst the wildflowers were many Ringlet, Small Skipper and Common Blue.


kirstallcreatures said...

A good spot and fab sightings, Ive never seen a Black Tailed Skimmer myself so its nice to see it here, Linda

Citybirding said...

Linda, this was my first visit to these ponds and they look just right for Dragonfly. I've got another to visit not far from these.

Emma Anderson said...

That looks like another good place to go when I get down to the town next. Super pictures of the dragonfly.

little sparrow said...

cracking shots of the black tailed skimmer.I must admit iv not seen this skimmer before.I must go there.what do you think of the news at hauxley. mindless ba-----s,lets hope they catch them.love all your new photos sorry not been bloging for a while.take care.

Citybirding said...

Emma, This was my first visit even though its only a few minutes from home.
Shaun, good to hear from you, was wondering where you were.