Friday, 4 June 2010


We had a visit to Alnmouth this morning and it was absolutely sparkling.
Amongst the seaside scrub and bushes were Goldfinch, Linnet, Whitethroat and this resting Stonechat.

I was a bit surprised to see a Meadow Pipit amongst the dunes

I could not quite make my mind up whether or not this is a White Wagtail,

and this Wall Brown rested along the path.


kirstallcreatures said...

Wonderful Stonechat pic, really lovely. Well done with your Wall Brown sighting, I haven't seen one yet. Keeping my eyes open at St Chad's for Wall Browns, funnily Ive been down there for the past two days at lunchtime and both times only saw a couple of Speckled Wood & one Green Veined White. L

alan tilmouth said...

Dick the Wagtail is Pied,a female, note the blackish grey mantle and rump colour, White has a much lighter grey mantle & rump lacking the blackish mottling.

Citybirding said...

Linda, have been checking timing for appearance of species and its not till mid June that things hot up.Those you have seen so far are correct for May.
Thanks for that info Alan.