Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Finches and Buntings

During my recent searches for Warblers I have inevitably encountered others.
This Linnet was on top of a Hawthorn catching the last of the days sunshine

A Reed Bunting flew across my path and rested on top of this hedge before diving down amongst the reed bed

I find the Yellow Hammer very difficult to get anywhere near. If I hear that single 'tsit...tsit' call, I walk somewhere near and stand,and wait, and with a bit of luck it will make its way to one of the topmost perches and offer a chance of good view.
That is what happened here.

They may not be exotic, but they are colourful.


kirstallcreatures said...

They're all lovely birds aren't they, my favourite is the Reed Bunting. I've yet to see a Linnet. Linda

Killy Birder said...

IMO some of the birds commonly seen in the UK can match some of the colourful birds of more exotic places Dick, and the Yellowhammer is amongst them. Nice pics. Cheers. Brian.