Saturday, 14 November 2009

Gosforth Park Fungi

Wandered through the woodland in Gosforth Park on the west side of the golf driving range.
A good variety of fungi are now showing after some decent rainfall, there's always a bright side. So I'm told.
An Orange Peel Fungus, although edible and almost tasteless so I presume it could be decorative. Found only one patch of about six cups all around one tree which I was not able to identify.

I believe these to be Milk Cap but am unable to specify which. They were about 15cm in diameter.Put the phone down to give some scale to the pic.

Quite impressive specimen

A couple of very delicate cap and stem fungi

These puffballs were about the size of a small garden pea


Johnnykinson said...

Howdy Sid
That Orange Peel fungi is a beauty, and the Puffball also.
Anyway, we breed pedigree British Shorthair cats who are not allowed out on the street but go into our custom built garden. Last Saturday one of them came in and proceded to look very unsteady on his feet. He didn't look too clever and after much deliberation , it was decided to keep an eye on him. My son stood and studied him for a couple of minutes and said " He's stoned, he's off his face"
This cat will eat anything so we went into the garden to find some fungi, the same as the ones in the 4th and 5th pics. Sure enough he was on a trip, these "shrooms" are Liberty Caps.........Magic Mushrooms as they are commonly called. He had had a nibble and this was the result. He lay there for about 3 hours with a glazed expression then slowly recovered. He's fine.
Psilocybe Semilanceata are classified as a class a drug.....i hope you didn't pocket any.

Citybirding said...

Hi Johnny,
Like the tale. Told the wife who enquired if the cat was alright and I said I thought it would be the happiest its been for some time.
Over the last 2-3 weeks on the same small patch of the Town Moor there has been groups of 'lads' head down slowly walking, plastic bags at the ready - I reckon they have found a patch also.

Johnnykinson said...

Hi Dick.............where the heck did Sid come from??????
These Liberty Caps are renowned for growing on school playing fields among other places. I've heard a couple of tales of the schoolkids collecting them.
You can tell your wife that the cat is fit and well. His eyeballs were on stalks at the time but he's back to normal. Thanks for the concern.
Cheers John