Saturday, 12 September 2009

Red-throated Diver

Have just had a few days at Berwick. I think it was last Tuesday when it was blowing a westerly gale when we visited Cocklawburn Beach. We had just left the Pot-a-Doodle Do cafe, near Scremerston, with its holiday home wigwams and made our way to the beach. Did the wimpy thing of scoping from inside the car but quickly spotted something that said 'Diver', then it was gone. A few minutes later a Cormorant appeared - drat, but kept looking. Then the Diver reappeared and I convinced myself it was a Red-throated Diver. There was definite red to the throat markings. A first for me.
So out with the digi-scoping gear and despite the wind and choppy sea got enough of an image to confirm the sighting - unless someone can convince me otherwise.

At the same time I was convinced that I had spotted another diver at least a couple of hundred yards further South, strangely amongst some Scoter, but could not get a good enough image to decide, but there is certainly a pointy bill amongst this lot -


Alan Tilmouth said...

Spot on on both calls, summer plumaged Red-throated Divers.

Citybirding said...

Thanks Alan