Tuesday, 18 August 2009

St Nic's fungi finds

A wander through the grounds of St Nicholas Hospital, Gosforth provided some nice fungi.
This impressive specimen was growing on a dead cut off tree stump and each cap was about 7-8cm diameter. I'm going for a Trumpet Oyster - Pleurotos cornocopiae
Generally these will appear on hardwoods preferably Elm.

This one looks like a Giant Polypore - Meripilus giganteus which generally prefers Beech trees


kirstallcreatures said...

Good descriptions! The extra research you mentioned earlier is coming into play already, great. L

abbey meadows said...

Psychiatric hospitals must be good places for fungi. I work at St. Georges hospital at Morpeth and many of my Fungi shots come from that area. The top pic I know it as Branching Oyster; I've never seen that one before and my latest post features Giant polypore. Great post.