Saturday, 29 August 2009

St Mary's Turnstone

A Turnstone was having a good feed on the remnants of a shore crab.
This particular bird seemed well ringed on both legs with a white ring above a yellow ring. I've spent some time trying to find some website references with regard to bird rings and how to read them without too much success. Would appreciate any advice on where I should be looking. I have identified one website but it is a bit of a maze to me at the moment .


PCF said...

You can put the submit the information on the BTO website but the answer can take a while. Could try contacting Newton Stringer (found a colour ringed Sarnie in August) or Boulmer Birder who have knowledge of european ringing websites. I'm sure I've read of one recently that returned the info in double quick time.

Citybirding said...

Thanks for the advice PCF

Anonymous said...

It`s very easy to navigate. All the bird families are at the bottom of the home page.

Citybirding said...

Thanks for that Dean