Thursday, 19 February 2009

Welcome Visitor ??

At about 4.30pm this afternoon we had just completed our meal and I was scouring the back of The Chronicle for some good news, when I looked up to see a Sparrowhawk perched on the back of one of our garden chairs, no more than 15 feet away and facing the window.
Our back garden is at the end of a run of about 25 gardens and we have previously seen a Sparrowhawk come to rest on the fence after an unsuccessful run, but this was the first time we have seen one as close.
Can't help feeling that the Mistle Thrushes who are still around are going to take a hit, since they dwell at the table for quite long spells. Might try to relocate the table in the morning
The dive for the camera ended with that well worn phrase of advice - 'You should keep it handy' -- as it took flight.
Next time!
Update - just been out and moved the table - Thanks to new SEC lighting garden work can be now carried out 24hrs per day.

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Alan Tilmouth said...

See my post tomorrow morning about Sparrowhawk at Dusty Bins, we appear to have similar bad habits with cameras.