Saturday, 28 February 2009

One of those days

After lunch today the weather brightened so I decided to see what could be found on the Town Moor. It is never an encouraging start with only a few white specks for gulls here and there. However as usual once you start to look there is something to be seen although I don't always know what it is.

Came across a group of approx 50 Golden Plover? - could do with some help here. I plumped for this ident on the basis of the worst photo I got

Then was pleased to hear a couple of Skylark.

Won't be long before there are loads of them on the Moor
Then up to the small pond where the frogs have been busy-

A wren flitted about the waterside rushes.
In the clump of trees adjacent, were Fieldfare and Redwing.
Got home to be told I should have been there!!!!
The Sparrowhawk had come visiting, - successfully. It looks like one of the Thrushes has taken the hit. Will have a look for feathers tomorrow. My wife had spotted it as it started to strip the feathers perched on the fence, and for at least a further fifteen minutes 'till it devoured its kill.
This is where my doubts about garden feeders resurface. Am I simply providing a concentrated hunting spot for Hawks?
The other feeder station we have in the front garden is closely shrouded by shrubs and I feel I should stick to this one

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Alan Tilmouth said...

Golden Plover is right, I read about them on a Yahoo newsgroup as they appear to ahve taken to roosting on the Town Moor fairly recently.