Butterfly quest

Nothing complicated, just to see how many different butterfly I can spot in 2014.
No target number, no location restriction just a plan to gain as much knowledge as I can.
So far--,
35. Painted Lady. 7/8/14 Druridge Polls 2 seen.

34. Purple Hairstreak, 17/07/14 Golden Acre Park, Leeds. Its in there under leaf. 4 seen.
      23/07/14 Causey Arch lots of sightings after 6pm.

33. Gatekeeper, 17/07/14. Brockadale NR, Yorkshire

32. White-letter Hairstreak 12/07/14 Chester le Street A1 roundabout. 2 at Wingate Quarry 14/07/14

31. Grayling, 08/07/14 Cambois.

30. Large Heath, 06/07/14 Harwood Forest.

29. Marbled White. 05/07/14. Wingate Quarry, saw approx 30 on wing

28. Dark Green Fritillary. 03/07/14. Holy Island dunes. Saw 50 in first hour.

27.Small Skipper.25/06/14 Banks Pond bridleway

26. Small Blue. 22/06/14. saw about 10 at Workington Wind Farm site

25. Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary. 20/06/14. Sweethope Lough. about 6 seen

24. Meadow Brown, 17/06/14. Dinnington area - loads on the wing

23.Ringlet. 17/06/14. Dinnington area - the grass verges held lots of these.

22. Northern Brown Argus. 11/06/14 Bishop Middleham Quarry. About 20 seen

21. Marsh Fritillary 03/06/14 Finglandrigg Wood, Cumbria. More than 50 seen

20. Red Admiral 1/06/14. Golden Acre Park Leeds. Half a dozen about.

19. Large White 31/05/14 Fairburn Ings.

18. Common Blue  first31/05/14 Brockadale NR. Tyneside sightings  10/06/14

17.Large Skipper30/05/14  Nr Newburn

16. Small Heath 30/05/14 Nr Newburn

15.Small Copper 19/05/14 Havannah

14. Small White 18/05/14 Front garden

13. Holly Blue 17/05/14 Jesmond Old Cemetery. Pic below taken 23/7/14

12. Dingy Skipper  16/05/14 Spetchells

11. Wall 15/05/14 Banks Pond

10.Duke of Burgundy 14/05/14 Whitbarrow NNR Cumbria

9.Pearl-bordered Fritillary 14/05/14 Whitbarrow NNR Cumbria

8.Brimstone 14/05/14 Whitbarrow NNR Cumbria

7.Green Hairstreak. 06/05/14. Ship Crag behind Rothbury. Four seen this day.

6.Orange Tip.15/04/14. Many seen on riverside walk at Spetchells, Prudhoe

5.Green-veined White.15/04/14. Many seen on riverside walk at Spetchells, Prudhoe

4.Speckled Wood. 14/04/14. Dozens seen at the Spetchells, Prudhoe.
   Most prolific butterfly seen this spring and early summer

3.Comma. 14/04/14. Single seen at Spetchells, Prudhoe.

2.Peacock. 14/04/14. Many seen on riverside walk at Spetchells, Prudhoe
                   18/03/15 Garden Gosforth

1.Small Tortoiseshell. 20/03/15 Spetchells


kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely picture list of your butterfly sightings, I really like the upper & underwing shots side by side. I think no 4 speckled wood underwing view might have got mixed up & could be a small tshell, worth a check. It's a great achievement, well done. L

Citybirding said...

Thanks your right oops

kirstallcreatures said...

Really like the 2 grayling shots

kirstallcreatures said...
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kirstallcreatures said...

The tally is looking good at
34, good sightings this weekend. L

notmanywords said...

I have just read your blog on your butterfly quest, and was fascinated to read about the Purple Hairstreaks at the Causey Arch. I have lived about a mile away from there nearly all my life and I did not know they were there. I know this is going to sound a daft question given the area Causey wood covers, but could you give me some idea as to where the best spot would be to see these cracking little butterflies or is it a case of potluck.

Citybirding said...

Hi Notmanywords,
As you know the Purple Hairstreak lives on tops of oaks.
Walk onto Causey Arch from railway end and turn around to face the way you came. The oaks to watch are the two either side of the bridge.I tried all hours of sunny days but saw them only after 6pm for about 1 hour. Look for small silvery flickering flight and trust to luck they settle within range. My interest in that area also comes from that I lived at Andrews Houses and attended Causey School which was a long time ago.

notmanywords said...

Thanks CityBirding for the quick reply, I know the trees you mean and will try tonight if the weather holds. Many years ago I worked at Marley Hill Colliery not far from where you lived and years later I worked with a Brian Skeen (not sure how his name is spelt) who used to go to Causey School.
Once again thanks and good luck with the quest.