Saturday, 4 June 2016

What a surprise

With this mornings cool NE breeze the last thing we expected to see were butterflies. The Druridge Pools track was amazing with eight species present.
Painted Lady x 4, Small Copper, Peacock, Large White, Wall, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood, Small Heath. A further 7 Painted Lady were seen later at East Chevington.

Dont know what this one below is

Believe this one below is Garden Tiger Moth

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Johnnykinson said...

I've always found the track at Dru a great place for insects, especially butterflies. Was disappointed, in fact angry, when i saw the potential damage they caused to the banks when they put that new path in. Not seen a lot there since but time for the habitat along there to recover. Worst thing they ever did there, putting that path in......along with the path to E Chev at the turning circle. You just used to get birders out towards the Oddie & other hide now dog walkers are using it to take the dogs for a crap as they do on the other path, using the actual path itself on quite a few occasions !!! Good count of butterflies considering what the conditions must have been, but as i mentioned earlier that is a nice sun trap if the wind is in the right direction.