Wednesday, 28 October 2015


This is the first year that I have kept a list of birds seen, prompted by friends asking how many I was likely spot.
This morning I was on 198 so with weather promising much I went to St Mary's Island wetland where there were loads of thrushes in the bushes. When I approached one of the wetland viewpoints a Woodcock (199) burst out of the hedge then provided a nice side on view. A further wander a Seaton Sluice brought more Fieldfare and Redwing and also a tweet re Black Redstart ( not on the list) at Tynemouth Pier.
So along to Tynemouth Pier and in the small triangle area of rocks between the pier and cliff were Fieldfare, Redwing, Blackbird, Robin, Pipit and finally as I was starting to give up hope, a Black Redstart.

Then there were two in sight, with the rain tipping down.
So that got me to 200 for the year. I know its nowt compared with the pro's totals but I'm quite pleased that its my total.
Later learnt that I had just missed Brambling at both SMI and the Pier.

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