Thursday, 10 September 2015

Guilty as charged

After Stewart's comments what better way to start to redress the balance of low blog posting rate by restarting with a Red-footed Falcon sighting.
Having missed yesterdays flurry I sprang into action this morning and arrived at Cresswell to see half a dozen cars parked up and the bird on a straw bale. A first for me.

The falcon stayed about thirty minutes alternating between bales and posts, then after a few seconds on the power line took off northwards and out of sight.
A quick visit to the Ponteland Hide at Hauxley produced only a Common Sandpiper and five Redshanks, one of which just avoided being snatched by a Stoat.


Stewart said...

Cheers Bud, nice post :)

Johnnykinson said...

I was north of the action Thursday morning at E. Chev & Hauxley. I tweeted what i'd seen but didn't look at other tweets or Birdguides until leaving E Chev around 10.45. Spent a couple of hours at Hemscott without success 11am-1pm. BOO HOO. Note to self......must check phone more frequently. To be honest Dick, if i'm having a good morning out i tend to forget to check my phone !!! Ponte hide has been brilliant since they cleared the outlet.