Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Panic over

With an increasing sense of panic that I alone would be the only soul not to have seen the Roker Olive-backed Pipit I went visiting this morning. Even after all the pin sharp pics seen to date it is without shame I offer--

...........and as a bonus a Lesser Whitethroat in a bush on the opposite side of the road. Thanks Steve.


Johnnykinson said...

I still haven't seen it !! Had the car today and yesterday but preffered Gossy Park. 3 Bitterns about apparently. I definitely saw 2 different B's yesterday and had a dozen seperate sightings all over the site from the hide so probably did see the 3 birds.This pm (Tues)however the storm force winds kept everything out of view except 3 sightings of the same bird moving about in a 30 min. spell.
Pleased to see you saw the OBP despite the winds although they are ground preferring birds i understand.

Citybirding said...

I would say thats a couple of visits well spent