Monday, 18 August 2014


Following a sight of the cracking pics by Gateshead and Beyond I had a look down to the quayside to try and spot a Peregrine. Tick.

was also pleased to be able to watch a Common Sandpiper feeding amongst the weed, beside the Swing Bridge, as the river level dropped with the outgoing tide.

Not sure whats gannin on here, but looks like a bonfire being built on the wooden Dunston Staithes, but wait a mo, just done google search and its an art installation

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Anonymous said...

Hello CityBirding, would you be able to tell me whereabouts on the quayside you spotted the Peregrine? They are awesome birds - I'd quite like to take a look this weekend. If you'd rather not broadcast it over the web my email address is
Cheers, Sam