Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Despite our trash

A wander around some brownfield sites, adjacent to the river Tyne, brought me some nice sightings.
Saw my first half a dozen, Common Blue in this area, always good to watch.

There were many Common Darter dragonfly lifting from their perches as I walked through the grass

and Four-spotted Chaser

These sites seem to support decent populations of Dingy Skipper although their numbers are generally in decline. Often wonder if the ever reducing numbers of brownfield sites is a factor.
I have noticed that even over say the last half dozen years how a brownfield site has overgrown itself and become a scrub site. There were also Speckled Wood, Small Copper, Small Heath and Large Skipper on the wing.
Dingy Skipper

Never cease to be surprised at the number of Roe Deer in these areas.
A quick look over the river brought sight of half a dozen Oystercatchers probing the mudbanks

 and a pair of Shelduck shielding 13 chicks

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