Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Edmondbyers & Blanchland

Had a bit of business at Consett this morning so it seemed right to visit the higher ground south of Edmondbyers and Blanchland.
Picked up some refreshment in Edmondbyers and headed south west. Within a mile the fields alongside Burnhope Burn held good numbers of Lapwing, and Greylag

A few hundred yards further on a Red Kite soared over Muggleswick Common. This is the third consecutive sighting of Red Kite in this specific area during my last three visits.

It did not take long to see Red Grouse and their numbers seem as large as I have seen in the past

Four Golden Plover broke cover and wheeled away as i drove past and near to Waskerley Reservoir, a pair of Oystercatcher were waiting for something to happen.

I thought I might see a Pipit but it may be just a little early with Snow still present on the north facing slopes

Onward down to Blanchland where on getting out of the car was greeted by a calling Tawny Owl, which was nice to hear. After tea and cake it would not be right to leave Blanchland without seeing the Dipper and sure enough it did not take long to find.

A nice way to complete an enjoyable jaunt.

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