Monday, 11 June 2012


Had to make a trip to Kirkharle Gallery  to deliver some work and while we were there a pair of Grey Wagtail were flycatching in the adjacent stream.
Although the light was poor their colours shone out like a beacon. Very smart birds.

and these were the two I delivered


kirstallcreatures said...

Nice pics of the Wagtail. I especially like your paintings of the Lapwing and the Whitethroat, they'll look good in the gallery at Kirkharle. Hope you managed to have a stop at the cafe too.

Codders said...


pic no 3 makes the Wagtail look quite intimidating instead of its normal cutesy look - great shot.

Really like your Lapwing also


Citybirding said...

Linda we did indeed try out the cafe - good as usual.
John, it was interesting to watch them catch the Mayfly as they emerged from the stream.