Sunday, 8 April 2012


The local male Sparrowhawk  arrived on the garden fence at around 7.45pm last night and sat there until 8.40pm. It took an interest in a pair of Woodmouse picking up leftovers below the bird feeders, but no action.
We were able to  watch it since we have a street light in the lane running along the side the back garden.
I have to confess to being a point and press photographer so I was quite pleased with my effort to get any image after 8.30pm.
I used a 1.5sec shutter which demonstrates just how still the bird was.


PCF said...

Steady hands for an old bloke as well! Nice shots.

kirstallcreatures said...

Lovely pics of the Sparrowhawk on the fence, Linda

Citybirding said...

I actually used a tripod for the first time with the camera, Peter.
Thanks Linda.