Friday, 21 October 2011

Sanderling - colour ringed from Iceland

Yesterday's visit to St. Mary's Island produced a nice flock of around 40 Sanderling on the South beach waterline. I managed to spot that one of them was colour ringed and took a few photos of it.

Last night I sent the images and details off to Jeroen Reneerkens who is heavily involved in the Sanderling ringing and sightings reporting.
Within an hour he replied and attached  the full log of 66 sightings of this particular bird.
It was first ringed at Sandgeroi - first beach, Iceland during May 2009,
and since then it has shown a remarkable consistant loyalty to its summer and wintering  locations
Sept 2009 St. Mary's Island
May 2010 Sandgeroi- first beach
Sept 2010 St. Mary's Island
May 2011 Sandgeroi- first beach

August 2011 St. Mary's Island
I noted from the log that I had seen and reported  this same bird in Jan 2010


Johnnykinson said...

Always interesting to see that sort of information. I wonder if a few of his mates would show the same if ringed. It does confirm one appears that you could be a Sanderling Stalker !!

Citybirding said...

I must admit I wasnt aware that they returned to the same exact spot each year