Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kibblesworth Ponds

Thought it was time to review Kibblesworth Ponds for Dragons and Damsels, so we ambled over there about 11am this morning and it was red hot.
There were about 40-50 Four-Spotted Chasers and countless Azure, Blue-tailed, Common Blue and Large Red Damselfly

Talking to a regular visitor to this pond, he said that the chasers had first appeared about 2-3 weeks ago, agreeing that was much earlier than normal.
I also checked out the two Hedley Ponds near Birkheads where there were numerous Damselfly but no Dragons.
Later in the afternoon did a quick circuit of  Newcastle Great Park pond where again there were many Blue-tailed, Azure and Large Red Damselfly
and quite a number of newly emerged Damselfly


Johnnykinson said...

I've just gone green.
I was talking to a couple of guys from Gateshead today Dick while up at Druridge and they said there were Black Darters at Kibblesworth and gave instructions where to find them. I'll send you the details.

Emma Anderson said...

I would love to see a damsel or dragonfly emerging as in your last picture. The chasers are lovely too.