Thursday, 5 May 2011

Derwent valley delights

We visited Thornley to fix the location of a dragonfly pond suggested by SW  , and the directions were spot on. At the time of visiting there were half a dozen Large Red Damselfly and a spot of reproduction going on -

Then it was up to Highfield where we were royally entertained for three hours by low flying Red Kite trying to master the art of chicken leg gathering.
This one below has its eyes firmly fixed on the target.


kirstallcreatures said...

Good work pops, that'll be another Damsel/Dragon location for your map then. Hope all is well at Highfield. L

Johnnykinson said...

Wait 'till the Hawkers come out at that pond "POPS"
It's a lovely spot on a hot day as the woods are cooling but the light streams in through the clearing. Well protected so usually very little wind.
Perfick, POPS.

Citybirding said...

Another location nailed and it does look a good'un