Friday, 20 August 2010

Greenshank at Shibdon

Have been out of the area all this week so missed the earlier excitement at Druridge. Thought I would have a quick visit to Shibdon although it was getting dusk. I was pleased to have made the effort when I picked up a single Greenshank feeding at the east end of the pond

The five Egret were also all present but no sign of Spotted Crake.
Have just added Saturdays lower image which was of a brief stop and then it was off.


PCF said...

You'll need a scope Dick. The bird is on the mud frequently in the north east corner but is so small and well camouflaged as to be not visible through binoculars even when you know exactly where it is!

Citybirding said...

I'll give it anothe try with scope and good light. Thanks Peter.