Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Waxwings in Gosforth

On the way to get the bus this morning , just turned the corner, onto Salters Road beside the old Sanderson Hospital when I heard something 'a bit different' in the tall trees beside the bus stop. Looking right to the top I could see a bird with that head tuft. I almost shouted out loud 'its a waxwing'. Having got into the habit of carrying a small pair of bins with me I was able to confirm my first thought. Then taking a wider look into the tops of the tree it was covered with the little blighters. They took flight and circled around to re alight twice . Certainly at least 40- 50 of them. Perched on the top they caught the early morning sun and were a brilliant sight. Still feel very fortunate to have seen them.


Rare Visitor said...

There's been a decent flock around St Bart's church Longbenton for the past few days, these could be part of that flock or new birds altogether because of the cold snap.

mosstrooper said...

30+ reported at nearby Havannah NR on Sunday, could be the same flock on the wander.

reegards mossy.